Mediterranean Basin

and the World around it

Mediterranean Basin : a satellite view by Blue Marble (NASA)

Mediterranean Basin : a satellite view by Blue Marble (NASA)

 To compare  January/July composites,  click on the photo.

Blue Marble is a spectacular true-color image of the entire Earth. Put together from data of 18 of the most advanced Earth-observing satellites ever built, such as Terra and Aqua, the Blue Marble can be seen in all its glory at a spatial resolution of 500 meters (500 meter/pixel) in 12 versions, one for each month of year. The above image is the monthly composite for the month of July 2004. Cloud-contaminated or otherwise bad data are automatically recognized by the Blue Marble computer technique and removed. The July 2004 monthly composite with  "global clouds"  is just a click away.

UPDATED : 2006-12-06

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