Colorado Desert 

 Dec. 28/29, 2006 

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UPDATED: 2007-03-09

Colorado Desert, California : aerial views

The Salton Sea is not the first body of water to occupy the Salton Basin. Historic evidence and geologic studies shown that the Colorado River has spilled over into the Salton Basin on numerous occasions over the millennia, creating intermittent lakes. Evidence of an ancient shoreline suggests that Lake Cahuilla occupied the basin until about 300 years ago. From 1828 to 1904, Colorado River flows flooded the Salton Basin no fewer than eight times. However, the current body of water is the human artifact: the agriculture is responsible for both,  its creation and sustaining.

Above images are NASA NLT LandSat7 photos (pseudo color) of the Salton Sea and Colorado Desert.


Krešimir J. Adamić