Prilog poznavanju bračke flore (A guide to the flora of the island of Brač) by Vladimir Bevanda was published in Brački zbornik br. 14 (The anthology of the island of Brač, Vol.14) in 1984. It is a lexicon-type guide to the islandís flora, both the native plants and the plants domesticated from abroad. The presentation is well structured by the plants natural appearance and usage, including agricultural plants, fruits, and vegetables. Like some other good writings on the islandís nature in the Vol. 14, which is out of print and scarce in the libraries, Guide is inexcusably over-looked. Thatís the reason Iím bringing forward the scans of those valu-able pages. The scans are Ďdeadí text but Iíve improved the accessibility by linking them to the Contents. Also, Iíve appended the two linkable indices: scientific (Latin) and common Croatian plant names

True, the text of Guide is poorly edited, there are quite a few typos; I did not correct them on the scans, but I tried my best to avoid them in the Contents and Indices. True also, Guide is printed on low quality paper, so the scansí readability is only moderate.

If you read Croatian, enjoy the Bevandaís lexicon.

UPDATED: 2013-02-12

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