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'Hen and chickens' in our Boulder front yard.

What do I see around myself, in everyday life? Most of the time nothing... That is, only the things and creatures required to be seen to sustain everyday routine. Once in a while a wish crosses my mind to share the view with someone else or with a camera.

The scanty conceptions to which we can attain of celestial things give us, from their excellence, more pleasure than all our knowledge of the world in which we live; just as a half glimpse of persons that we love is more delightful than a leisurely view of other things, whatever their number and dimensions.

Aristotle: Parts of animals, Bk I, ch.5; in The basic works of Aristotle (Richard McKeon, ed.), Random House, New York, 1941.

'Hen and chickens' in our Boulder front yard.

All those people who force upon you the albums with photos of their children, relatives and pets when you visit them, why are they doing that?


Krešimir J. Adamić