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10 years of GR weekly

For 10 years, GR weekly appears regularly in the IMAGES & THOUGHTS chapter of my website. Images and thoughts, that was the guideline from the beginning. The first GR weekly was published on Aug 1, 2004 [040801] and there I said: "All my thoughts have been already articulated by others and repudiated by other others. But I still love to re-think them, to agree and to disagree with myself".

GR weekly is the environment where, very likely, I reveal myself in my true colors. This could be seen from my comments, my selection of quotes, my photos and graphs (and some images adopted and adapted from the web, like the one on the right). According to monthly reports supplied by my server, there are only around thirty devoted visitors of GR weekly worldwide (Croatia, USA, Canada, Australia, Russian Federation, Ukraine, ...). Only thirty, I say, because it seems a lot of effort in that department:

GR weekly of   522 weeks,  from Aug 1, 2004 to Jul 27, 2014

       reside in     46.9 Mb     (18.7% of the website)

         through 622 html files

           where  825 images  are included.

However, itís a nice feeling that thirty or so people regularly, week after week, follow my thoughts and enjoy my selection of images.


10 years of GR weekly


Krešimir J. Adamić