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Homni or روح الله خمینی  (Khomeini)

Not all futurists are optimists but those who are trust humanity emphatically. They talk about a new geological epoch: the Anthropocene, or the age of man. Humans have become the dominant force shaping our planet, they say. Humans now control three-quarters of Earthís freshwater supplies, have modified more than three-quarters of ice-free land surface, and modulate the planet's air, biodiversity, and oceanic chemistry and biology. Humans themselves, the optimists say, are evolving into new superoganism, surpassing greatly, of course, the qualities of other social life-forms. Well, let see: killing the individuals of own species is generally known as the incident of sacrifice for the social good. Killing other humans, advancing the science and technology for that killing - might be hard to fit into a social good of the emerging superorganism.

Gaia Vince, in her article Homni: The new superorganism taking over Earth (BBC, July 2, 2014), gives a name to this superorganism: Homo omnis, or Homni for short. A nice touch for a journalist specializing in science. And, more importantly, she warns:

"We will start to read Homniís mind, and have more nuanced control over his actions. Maybe then we will begin to use the power of Homni to restore and curate the planet. The alternative is too monstrous to contemplate."


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Krešimir J. Adamić