SEP 21, 2014  

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a vision of my mother

Three days ago, on September 18, was the 100th birthday of my mother - but she died age 62. Memorizing a birthday is something very different from celebrating a birthday and Iím uncertain how to express my feelings on the occasion. How to show devotion for which even the words love and veneration do not encompass enough of my thoughts about her?

Previously, on the occasion of Mothers Day, Iíve complained how jealous I am because, in the memories of my mother, I canít recount our relationship in a poetís terms, like Esenin did in a letter-poem to his mother.

I attribute most of the successes in my life to the biggest role model in my life - my mother. I attribute most of the failures in my life to the deviations from the teaching by the greatest teacher in my life - my mother. She was my teacher of endurance, compassion, love and fairness. She was more intelligent than I am. She was more skillful then I am. She was more industrious then I am. She was much more then I am.

I wonder if I am the person people will remember as a son of my mother.


my mother


Krešimir J. Adamić