OCT 5, 2014  

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central symmetry in the eye

and hand of my grandson

Recently Iíve reported how impressed and puzzled I am with a high level of mirror symmetry in the drawings of my grandson, age four. There Iíve stated that the mirror symmetry of my grandsonís drawings is a construct of his mind, not a reflection of his environment. And a forecast that other symmetries are to be "discovered" soon.

Well, it happened really soon, after only two weeks - take a look at the photo on the right. Suddenly, my grandson replaced the drawing paper with the larger stones collected on the beach, washed and smoothed by the waves. A dozen of his drawings on the stone are very good, starting with a well selected color of the pen used for a particular stone. But one on the right is especial - it announces, very clearly, central symmetry.

It looks as the previously reported mirror symmetry was prompted by the rectangular form of the drawing paper. Here, dealing with an irregular shape of the rather flat stone, my grandson found the central symmetry to fit best his mind constructions. Mind, I emphasize, not the environment.



Krešimir J. Adamić