OCT 12, 2014  

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father-grandfather reminiscences

Recently, being moved by my grandsonís drawings ( [140914], [141005] ), I found myself thinking a lot about pre-school education from the grandfather point of view. And, by coincidence, when I was searching for an old document, from an old envelope dropped a small photo of my daughter - probably her first official photo for the elementary school ID (see the photo on the right). In an instant, the question arose: was I a good father?

It is so much easier to be a responsible grandfather. Not only that main burden of education is on the parents but, fortunately, between the time periods spent with my grandson I can think of him, I can analyze and plan our activities. No such luck when my daughter was of pre-school age; those were hard working years in my professional career and the only occasion I can recall of thinking about my daughter during a working day was when she was very sick.

Then, of course, I remember some blatant mistakes in handling of the affairs of my daughter. The possessive emotions are no excuse, my ignorance of human psychology even less.


father-grandfather reminiscences


Krešimir J. Adamić