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Dream Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

From various dictionaries:

create [v]: author, bring about, bring into being, cause to exist, compose, conceive, form, give rise to, make, originate, parent, produce, throw together.


I would say that there is a physiological need, in living matter, to create. The laws of nature are such that nature is running down all the time, things are becoming disorderly all the time, and living matter is constantly opposed to this. It is constantly trying to create order. The word "creation" means "the creation of order", the finding in nature of links, of likeness, of hidden patterns which the living thing - the plant, the animal, the human mind - picks out and arranges.

J. Bronowski: A Sense of the future, MIT Press, Cambridge,1977.


Dream Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Should created items be valuable? Term "valuable" is subjective to a given set of cultural and social values...


Krešimir J. Adamić